A year goes by, not much has changed.

In the year since the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School:

  • 1,500 gun bills were considered
  •  109 passed
  • 2/3 of those were to loosen restrictions and ease access

The NY Times recently wrote a piece that did an in-depth analysis of state gun laws that have passed in the year following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. I wasn’t surprised to see that the gun lobbyists were successful in the fear mongering that more guns will protect us from people that shouldn’t have been able to get guns in the first place.

I’ve written about gun control before, specifically regarding kids access to guns. Since Sandy Hook, at least 194 children died in accidents, homicides, and suicides by guns. Mother Jones analyzed the deaths of those 194 children (under 12). The region which had the highest number of youth killed by guns was the south, specifically Florida, which has extremely permissive gun laws.

Gun lobbyists say the more people that have guns the safer we’ll be. I would contend that more people with more guns will lead to more kids dying by guns.

Mother Jones

Mother Jones

I’m not against guns. My father was a police officer, I have friends who are avid hunters. But I am against loosening regulations that make it easy for these dangerous weapons to be placed in the hands of novices, mentally ill, those facing domestic abuse charges, children, etc.  I think it’s vital that to own or continue to own a gun:

  • A national background check is completed
  • Gun safety classes are taken prior to obtaining a gun
  • A gun lock box comes with the gun

Now is not the time to loosen the gun laws that already have been taken advantage of.




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