Cheers to Pennsylvania!

Congratulations to Pennsylvania! The federal government struck down the Pennsylvania’s ban on marriage equality on May 20th, declaring:

“We are a better people than what these laws represent, and it is time to discard them into the ash heap of history.”

Following this decision, Gov. Tom Corbett stated that the state would not appeal the ruling.

Image from the Human Rights Campaign

What does this mean? It means as of today:

29 states have either enacted marriage equality through legislation or the ballot, or had their state marriage bans struck down as unconstitutional. Same-sex couples can legally marry …read more

March On Towards Equality

I love St. Patrick’s Day. I’m always a fan of holidays that bring people together with very little prep (I’m looking at you Christmas and Thanksgiving). Yet I was surprised to find out that in 2014, the only acceptable rainbows at the St. Patrick’s Day parades have a pot of gold at the end of them.

In New York City (the great melting pot), and Boston, parade officials have banned LGBT organizations who want to march. Past parades have been cancelled rather than allowing LGBT groups to participate. Since both parade participants are by invitation only, …read more

Dr. King’s Message is Still Relevant for All

Martin Luther King leaning on a lectern. Deutsch: 1964: Martin Luther King Português: Martin Luther King (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since 1999, I have had the privilege of being involved with the organizing and planning for the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service. Over the years, I have often received questions from MLK Day organizers about engaging more people of different racial or ethnic groups—whites, African Americans, and Latinos. The question varies:

How do we engage groups that don’t feel the day has relevance for them? How do we engage groups who fear that participating in MLK …read more

The Arc of History Bends towards Access for Everyone

For 35 years, “care” has been at the center of Baltimore-based healthcare provider, Chase Brexton’s mission. At their Cathedral Street location, they have served thousands of community members in the areas of medical care, behavioral health, dental care, pharmacy services and specialty services, to name a few.

Chase Brexton Health Services groundbreaking (Photo credit: MDGovpics)

For months, we have watched as the beautiful old Monumental Life Building on Charles Street was transformed into Chase Brexton Health Services’ new home. The 178,000 square foot building allows the service provider to throw open its doors even wider, and to better honor …read more

Raising a Glass for Equality

Pride Crowd

With all of the positive news surrounding gay rights in the US: the ruling on DOMA, repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and four new states recognizing the legality of same sex marriage, it’s easy to get swept up in the feeling that equality is nigh on the horizon.

DOMA is dead (Photo credit: vpickering)

While that may be the case for Americans it is most definitely different for our Russian brethren. This June, President Putin signed the most recent in a long line of bills punishing people for homosexual ‘propaganda’.

In the official release of the bill, it’s …read more

A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action

Trayvon Martin Protest – Sanford (Photo credit: werthmedia)

Sorry Elvis, we still need to talk. Saturated, but it seems absurd to contemplate writing about anything other than Trayvon Martin this week. Staring at the masthead of our blog, and reading the tagline, viewing social justice challenges and opportunities through the prism of current events, I keep thinking, “now is no time to be silent,” because in the simplest of terms, this is both a challenge AND an opportunity.

But it is hard to have words, much less the right words. My head has been scrambled with the news accounts, …read more

Georgians on my Mind

As American proponents of same-sex marriage continue to celebrate last week’s victory in the Supreme Court and a recent poll found that 55% of Americans approve the ruling, it’s important to remember that around the globe progress around same-sex couple human rights are moving at varying paces. On May 17th in the country of Georgia a peaceful rally to commemorate the International Day against Homophobia quickly turned violent when a mob broke through a police barrier and attacked participants of the rally. The rally participants were chased through the streets, while the mob threw stones screaming such things as “Don’t …read more

Can We Achieve One America?

This week, I’m attending the National Conference on Volunteering and Service in Washington, DC. The conference is a gathering of nearly 5000 people, mainly from the U.S. with some international attendees, who serve or work to build the infrastructure that allows others to serve their communities, the nation and the world every day.

The theme of this year’s conference is Service Unites and is focused on sharing ideas and best practices for solving critical community problems and showcasing the ways that service brings people together across the divides of race, class, religion, geography, and political ideology.

I was inspired by …read more

Peace Corps to Begin Accepting Same-Sex Domestic Partner Applications

Logo of the United States Peace Corps. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like most returned Peace Corps volunteers, I love talking about Peace Corps. I love talking about my host country, I love talking about my fellow volunteers, and I love talking about the night a jumping spider the size of my hand got inside my bed net with me. Yesterday, the Peace Corps offered me the perfect opportunity to talk about just one more reason I’m proud to be a part of the Peace Corps community.

Deputy Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet announced yesterday that Peace Corps will now be accepting applications …read more

What’s Next for Marriage Equality?

Anxious to find out what the outcomes of the Supreme Court arguments on Prop. 8 and DOMA a few weeks ago will be? Take a look at some of the ‘more likely’ outcomes developed by the Human Rights Campaign below.

Created by the Human Rights Campaign