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The war against women’s rights is being waged in many states, but none quite as publicized as Texas. We’ve written about Wendy Davis’s astonishing filibuster and the social media campaign it spurred into action. Now the next generation of #standwithWendy has arrived.  A pop up telethon took place on Monday night to raise money for women who were suffering under Texas’ dangerous abortion laws.

The telethon took place for three hours and was accessible via the internet site  If you missed it you can go back and watch it now. You also have the option to donate to the cause and share the site via Facebook and Twitter. Over 30,000 people have already watched and raised over 50k.

I’m appreciative of this telethon for many reasons. One, it’s for a cause I believe deeply in. Two, I love the creativity of it.  Not every group can host a telethon on TV. But almost any group, can create their own telethon and post it to the web via a low cost site like Ustream.  This is a creative way of thinking outside the box, getting your message across and raising money at the same time.

Campaign Consultation had the pleasure of working with The National Organization for Women – Baltimore Chapter’s One Billion Rising campaign back in February 2012.  We focused on social media avenues to access those who were tired of violence against women and wanted to take a stand.  And take a stand we did, having to shut down Charles Street in Baltimore due to our numbers. I look forward to when we don’t need to do a telethon or march to raise awareness to women’s issues, but until then, I’m taking a lesson from these women in Texas.

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