It Takes More than an Extra Can of Pumpkin

As we all prepare to feast with family and friends, I am always drawn to thoughts of hunger in America.  Over the years I have helped collect food for many projects at churches and other organizations to provide Thanksgiving meals to families that wouldn’t have any feast without help.  Of course, we all know that the food banks and charities that help with the hunger epidemic all year round really need more help in the summer when all of the children are out of school.  So I am always challenged with remembering to organize a food drive in the hot summer.  I moved to Baltimore a few months ago and I am just beginning to hear about and support the many wonderful organizations that help in my new hometown.

So, how big is the problem in Maryland and Baltimore, and who is helping.  There are many organizations working in numerous ways to fight the epidemic in our area.  How big is the problem in Maryland?  I found the following description of hunger in Maryland at the website of  Maryland Hunger Solutions

Despite living in one of the wealthiest states in the country, many Marylanders struggle with hunger.

• In the wealthiest state in the country, one in eight households faces a constant struggle against hunger.

• Nearly 21 percent of households with children struggle to obtain enough food to provide regular, healthy meals for their family.

• Nearly 10 percent of Marylanders live below the poverty line.

Maryland Hunger Solutions works to ensure that people can access the programs that exist, educate all of us that hunger exists in Maryland, and improve policies to end hunger.

Another organization that works in a very different way is Gather Baltimore founded by Arthur Gray Morgan to gather unsold fruits, vegetables, and bread from Baltimore farmer’s markets, local farms, and produce distributors.  He then sets up farm stands in order to sell and give out this produce to low-income families and community partners involved in charitable giving services.  They currently serve between 200 and 500 families a week and are raising money to rent or purchase refrigerated storage to expand their work.

Arthur Morgan (in green) supervises loading of food donation from Coastal Sunbelt Produce in Jessup. (Photo by Francine Halvorsen)

Arthur Morgan (in green) supervises loading of food donation from Coastal Sunbelt Produce in Jessup.
(Photo by Francine Halvorsen)

Hunger is a symptom of the larger problem of poverty and so much to do, but find a way to give during the holiday season and throughout the year.   At Campaign Consultation, Inc., we work with government and nonprofits to take action and make a difference and move to the end of hunger in America.  The season gives us all an opportunity to give and make change in our community.

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