Shopping with a Heart Part II

As the holidays are approaching, I am once again looking at how to find gifts that go above and beyond the standard tchotchke.   I have started receiving the standard barrage of email advertisements from various retail companies.  There are two companies that have stood out among the rest, however, as they have added a charitable component to their standard models.


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First up is Toms.  I’ve been a long-time fan of Toms, which is a company that started out making shoes.  Their model always included that for every pair of shoes sold, a pair would be donated to a person in-need.  They have since branched out into eyewear and enhanced their giving model, but this week they announced a whole new venture – The Marketplace.  The Marketplace is a one stop shop for finding gifts created by social entrepreneurs whose products support various causes, regions and people.  The Marketplace lets you search by category, cause, region or brand.  Additionally one feature that I’ve already found particularly helpful already is the Gift Finder, which helps you pick gifts by categories such as him, her, kids and home.

The other company that has stood out among the rest this week is Stella and Dot.  Stella and Dot is a women’s accessories company that I became familiar with through a fundraising event they supported for autism.  The company runs promotions throughout the year to support various causes and announced yesterday that their newest promotion is similar to the buy one, give one model that Toms uses.  From November 6th through November 12th, for every handbag bought they will donate one to active duty members, female veterans, and military wives and their daughters through Operation Shower and the Military Officers Association of America.

There are many more companies out there who are devoting some of their products or profits to help others.  Share in the comments below what are some of your favorite resources for shopping with a heart.


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