It Takes More than an Extra Can of Pumpkin

As we all prepare to feast with family and friends, I am always drawn to thoughts of hunger in America. Over the years I have helped collect food for many projects at churches and other organizations to provide Thanksgiving meals to families that wouldn’t have any feast without help. Of course, we all know that the food banks and charities that help with the hunger epidemic all year round really need more help in the summer when all of the children are out of school. So I am always challenged with remembering to organize a food drive in the hot …read more

Shopping with a Heart Part II

As the holidays are approaching, I am once again looking at how to find gifts that go above and beyond the standard tchotchke. I have started receiving the standard barrage of email advertisements from various retail companies. There are two companies that have stood out among the rest, however, as they have added a charitable component to their standard models.

Gifts (Photo credit: Guudmorning!)

First up is Toms. I’ve been a long-time fan of Toms, which is a company that started out making shoes. Their model always included that for every pair of shoes sold, a pair would be …read more

Holiday Shopping with a Heart

Gift Box (Photo credit: Maeflower72)

In the midst of all of the holiday madness and shopping it’s easy to lose your head, but be sure not to lose your heart this year! Consider giving or requesting a gift that makes an impact. Many organizations offer gift opportunities that help promote a cause, support their work, and/or raise awareness of important issues.

Check out some of these organizations and their gift options:

Amnesty International – Browse a variety of fair-trade and ethically made gifts whose sale supports Amnesty’s fight for human rights. Human Rights Watch – Create a tribute gift …read more