A year goes by, not much has changed.

In the year since the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School:

1,500 gun bills were considered 109 passed 2/3 of those were to loosen restrictions and ease access

The NY Times recently wrote a piece that did an in-depth analysis of state gun laws that have passed in the year following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. I wasn’t surprised to see that the gun lobbyists were successful in the fear mongering that more guns will protect us from people that shouldn’t have been able to get guns in the first place.

I’ve written about gun control before, specifically regarding …read more

G’Day Gun Reform

Recently on the Daily Show, John Oliver did a 3 part series examining gun reforms in Australia and their subsequent effects. The segments are not only hilarious; but also inspired me to learn more about Australia’s successful gun reforms, and our own country’s recent failure in this realm. So, I did some investigating and found that the statistics in Australia are quite astounding.

Australia had 13 gun massacres in the 18 years before the 1996 gun reforms, but has had no mass shootings since. Around 650,000 automatic and semiautomatic guns were destroyed as a part of the Australian government’s …read more

Kids with Guns

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Or so the story goes. So what happens when it’s a 4-year old doing the killing? In two incidents last week two different 4-year olds were able to access a loaded gun and accidently discharge it, killing a 6 year old playmate and a sheriff’s deputy’s wife. The result is there are now two dead, two children who will never be able to forget the tragedy they were a part of, and several families in ruins.

There are so many arguments that can come from these tragedies. We need better gun control, better …read more

Turning Tragedy into Action

Today marks the second anniversary of the Tucson shooting that killed 6 people, wounded 12 others, and critically injured former U.S. Representative Gabby Giffords. To mark this tragic day Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly have launched Americans for Responsible Solutions. Their mission is to ‘encourage elected officials to stand up for solutions to prevent gun violence and protect responsible gun ownership by communicating directly with the constituents that elect them.’

In the powerful op-ed that Giffords and Kelly wrote for US Today they state, “In response to a horrific series of shootings that has sown terror in our …read more

Responding to Tragedy

It is difficult to envision a more senseless tragedy than what occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary on Friday. Twenty young children and six adults were slain by a gunman who carried three weapons – including a semi-automatic rifle – into their school. Social media, television and radio have been flooded with discussions around gun control and mental health as people try to figure out how exactly we got to this point.

Polls show that 50% of Americans agree to the statement “gun ownership should have strong regulations or restrictions” – up from 42% prior to the shooting at Sandy Hook. …read more

In the Aftermath of a Tragedy

There have been numerous articles written about the recent tragic, mass shooting at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. It goes without saying that the entire incident is heartbreaking for all.

The tragedy has also elevated the gun control law debate to the forefront once again. Articles and blogs outlining arguments both for and against stiffer gun laws and how these could have affected the outcome began churning out almost immediately.

A lack of concrete data to base arguments in on both sides helps to fuel the debate. Professor Cook of Duke University, who studied the effects of the Brady …read more