Holiday Shopping with a Heart

Gift Box (Photo credit: Maeflower72)

In the midst of all of the holiday madness and shopping it’s easy to lose your head, but be sure not to lose your heart this year! Consider giving or requesting a gift that makes an impact. Many organizations offer gift opportunities that help promote a cause, support their work, and/or raise awareness of important issues.

Check out some of these organizations and their gift options:

Amnesty International – Browse a variety of fair-trade and ethically made gifts whose sale supports Amnesty’s fight for human rights. Human Rights Watch – Create a tribute gift …read more

The Price of Education

On Tuesday, Oct. 9, 14-year-old Malala Yousafzai was doing what she did every day; coming home from school, when two men stopped the bus she was riding in and shot her in the head and neck. Two other girls were also shot. Yousafzai remains in critical condition but has luckily not suffered any lasting brain damage.

The man responsible for the attack on the Peshwar native is one of the Taliban’s most feared commanders, Maulana Fazlullah.

The young girl and the dangerous leader have a long history. In 2009, the then 11-year-old Malala went toe-to-toe with the man nicknamed “Radio …read more

A Merger for Human Rights

The creator of Human Rights Watch, Robert Bernstein, and the creator of, Jared Cohen, have combined forces to produce Advancing Human Rights, an organization to support online activists. Advancing Human Rights will provide connections, technical advice and support to activists abroad exclusively in authoritarian countries. The organization intends to eventually publish their work in a series of e-books. Find out more about the creation of this organization.


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China, Chen and a History of Controversy

The United States and China have had a turbulent relationship at best over the years. The recent incidents relating to Chen Guangcheng, a lawyer and activist in China who says the Chinese government has beaten and kept him on house arrest for two years before his recent escape to the U.S. embassy, has once again elevated human rights issues in China to the forefront. Chen’s escape and request for asylum in the United States coincided with and overshadowed Hilary Rodham Clinton’s recent trip to China. There is currently a tentative deal to allow Chen to study overseas in the U.S.

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Long Range Acoustic Devices Planned for Chicago

Long rang acoustic devices or LRADs, which emit noises and tones painful to the human ear, are planned for controlling protesters at the upcoming G-8/NATO summit in Chicago this May. The devices were used at the G-8/NATO summit in Pittsburgh in 2009 and resulted in one bystander suing the city of Pittsburgh for hearing loss and pain resulting from the use of LRADs.

Chicago police say they have learned from their experience in Pittsburgh and plan to us the LRADs to transmit messages to protesters in Chicago. The devices will still be equipped with the ability to transmit the painful …read more

Global LGBT Rights

Last year the U.N. declared that discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people violates core international human rights laws. This December the Obama administration joined a movement in Europe declaring respect for LGBT rights a consideration in its foreign policy decisions. Despite these supports, activists in Honduras say the situation for gay and transgender people remains ‘deplorable’ in their country. Hilary Clinton, in her role as Secretary of State, has directed U.S. embassies around the world to advocate for LGBT protection in places like Honduras by providing support to advocacy groups and letting local officials know this funding …read more

Human Rights Watching Guantanamo

Human Rights Watch says Guantanamo detainees are currently tried under a flawed system and should instead be transferred to the United States for trial. Some of the findings that support their position include:

Since the September 11, 2011 attacks, 578 terrorism-related cases have been prosecuted in the federal courts, while only 6 cases have been completed by military commissions at Guantanamo during the same time period. The average time between arrest and conviction in federal court for the main defendants in the top 50 terrorism plots was 1.4 years. The average time between capture and conviction for all six detainees …read more