It Takes More than an Extra Can of Pumpkin

As we all prepare to feast with family and friends, I am always drawn to thoughts of hunger in America. Over the years I have helped collect food for many projects at churches and other organizations to provide Thanksgiving meals to families that wouldn’t have any feast without help. Of course, we all know that the food banks and charities that help with the hunger epidemic all year round really need more help in the summer when all of the children are out of school. So I am always challenged with remembering to organize a food drive in the hot …read more

Victory for Maryland Youth Advocates

The Just Kids Partnership seeks to ‘gather information and promote the discussion of effectively addressing crime allegedly committed by Maryland youth’. Campaign Consultation selected the Just Kids Partnership as a GIVE 5 recipient in 2011, and this week we are featuring a guest post telling the story of their recent victory protecting juveniles in the Maryland justice system.

After years of community opposition, organizing and advocacy the state has decided to not move forward with the construction of the proposed Baltimore City jail that would have housed youth charged as adults. This is a huge victory for the youth …read more