Anger, Violence and Mental Health

Is there a relationship between the way we treat each other and the continued violence in our schools and communities? I am shocked by the shooting at Ft Hood and the recent stabbing at a school in Pennsylvania. We hear that the soldier at Ft Hood was receiving mental health treatment, but no one anticipated his dramatic actions.

Photo by Reuiters

Spc. Ivan Lopez is pictured in the Sinai Peninsula during his service with the 295th Infantry of the Puerto Rico National Guard. Lopez is suspected of fatally shooting three people before killing himself at the Fort …read more

Responding to Tragedy

It is difficult to envision a more senseless tragedy than what occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary on Friday. Twenty young children and six adults were slain by a gunman who carried three weapons – including a semi-automatic rifle – into their school. Social media, television and radio have been flooded with discussions around gun control and mental health as people try to figure out how exactly we got to this point.

Polls show that 50% of Americans agree to the statement “gun ownership should have strong regulations or restrictions” – up from 42% prior to the shooting at Sandy Hook. …read more