The Price of Education

On Tuesday, Oct. 9, 14-year-old Malala Yousafzai was doing what she did every day; coming home from school, when two men stopped the bus she was riding in and shot her in the head and neck. Two other girls were also shot. Yousafzai remains in critical condition but has luckily not suffered any lasting brain damage.

The man responsible for the attack on the Peshwar native is one of the Taliban’s most feared commanders, Maulana Fazlullah.

The young girl and the dangerous leader have a long history. In 2009, the then 11-year-old Malala went toe-to-toe with the man nicknamed “Radio …read more

Contraceptives Bill Blocked in the Senate

On March 1st, the Senate voted down the Blunt Amendment, which would have given employers across America the freedom to refuse insurance coverage for any services contrary to their own religious beliefs. Many Republicans backed the Blunt Amendment, citing the view that the new health care law violates the first amendment rights of religious institutions who are opposed to funding coverage for contraceptives. This opinion was dismissed by a majority in the Senate, who pointed out that the language of the bill is so open that employers could refuse to cover almost any service under the guise of “religious reasons.” …read more