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In keeping with Campaign Consultation’s theme of “things that made us go hmmmmm in 2013” we have compiled a short list of some of the items that made the Eyes Wide Open team go hmmmm this year.  Please add in the comments below any other events that were particularly hmmmm-worthy in 2013.

US Government Shut Down

There were numerous cringe worthy moments in the US government this year, many which continue to linger, but arguably the one that stands out the most was the 2 week shutdown of the federal government.  Not only was the shutdown costly, but there were also a plethora of examples of elected officials using the debacle as a soap box for further embarrassing behavior such as this moment at the WWII memorial.  Our hope for 2014 is a little less talk and a little more action from our officials.

Columbia, South Carolina Criminalizes Homelessness

In a particularly Scrooge-like maneuver the town of Columbia, South Carolina passed a policy this year stating that homeless people would either have to go to a remote shelter or face jail.  The move would have required additional police to gather up the homeless people and to stand guard at the shelter to ensure no one left without permission.  The town council later rescinded their previously unanimous vote for this policy and made going to the shelter optional, effectively decriminalizing being poor (for now).

Pantene , Dove and Cheerios  Create Thought Provoking Ads

This year we saw two companies geared towards women’s beauty products take a decidedly different route when it came to their ads.  In the US, Dove’s viral video showing how women often describe themselves in ways that focus on their physical faults rather than on their assets really gave us all pause.  In the Philippines, the Pantene ad that depicts how strength is viewed differently in men and women was particularly hmmm-worthy.  We would love to see this ad highlighting gender bias in the workplace make the hop over to our own shores.

In other ad news this year the Cheerios ad featuring a biracial couple and their daughter resulted in so many racist remarks on YouTube that the General Mills was forced to disable the comments section.  The good news is the majority defended the Cheerios commercial, and there was also this heartwarming video featuring kids’ reactions to the commercial and subsequent backlash.

Gun Laws Loosened in the Wake of Sandy Hook

EyesWe wrote a few weeks ago about the state of gun laws in the US and how the majority of gun related laws passed this year actually loosened restrictions and eased access.  As of December 10th 194 children have been killed by guns since the Newtown shootings.  Let’s hope we can do better for our kids in 2014.

What Else?

This short list and is just the tip of the iceberg.  From the Trayvon Martin trial, the Steubenville rape case and the Paula Deen media disaster 2013 was one hmmmmmdinger of a year.  Share below what gave you a hmmmm moment in 2013.

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