Update: Delhi Charter School Ordered to Cease Pregnancy Test on “Suspect” Students

Yesterday,  we shared a controversial policy implemented by Delhi Charter School.  This Louisiana school’s policy requires girls who are “suspected” of being pregnant to take a pregnancy test.  If the pregnancy is confirmed or student refuses to be tested,  she is then kicked out of the school.

Here is a brief update on the policy:  Last night,  state officials from the Louisiana State Department of Education ordered the school to “change the policy within a week or face sanctions.”

According to an article in The Guardian,  the school did not have an immediate response to the demand,  however,  the principal,  Chris Broussard,  did say that the school has contracted lawyers to help review its policy.

What do you think of Delhi Charter School’s policy?  Do you think the Louisiana State Department of Education did the right thing?


Click here for the full article.


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