Wendy Davis Filibuster a Year Later

It has been a year since Wendy Davis filibustered a regressive bill that would close women’s health clinics in some of the most desperate areas of the country, so what’s happened since?

As Candice Russell writes in the Huffington Post Politics Blog

“It’s been almost a year since that night in the Capitol. A year that has seen clinic closures and revoked admitting privileges and multiple lawsuits aimed at undoing the damage caused by the passing of terrible legislation. Texans are still working tirelessly to defend ourselves from the attacks made to our health and reproductive rights. Our state isn’t a joke, the people who live here aren’t anecdotes, and the impact of what happened in the rotunda that night is much too large to be summed up by a single hashtag. Though the last year has left many of us tired, the people of Texas are still standing strong. My question to the rest of the world is this: are y’all still standing beside us?”

Wendy Davis

As politicians like Wendy Davis continue to struggle to create a coalition that is electable, it is just an example of the challenges across America. What will be done to protect women in my home state, the United States and the world? So much more than a political campaign. Look for an organization or group in your community to support women!



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Kaye Gooch

As a Project Specialist with Campaign Consultation, Inc. I primarily support our efforts to elevate the Social Innovation Fund and highlight its successes in improving communities across the country. I am passionate about advocating for the underserved in the healthcare system. I have worked with state governments in the areas of Medicaid training, adult protective services and services for persons with disabilities. Read more.

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